Organising and optimising the world's construction industry with software

We are developing solutions for architects, engineers and constructors to optimise the workflow, reduce errors and waste in construction for a better and more sustainable built environment.

Collaboration made easy with Studio 3DX

If you are working on a construction project, you have to try Studio 3DX, a cloud solution to coordinate and track everything your team is working on. Use it for all your projects, however small or big.

Visualise your BIM models

Visualise your BIM IFC models and visually check them for issues. We process your IFC models and give you a complete breakdown of the floors, elements and groups.

Report issues with your team

Report BCF issues and create enquiries from within the BIM viewer for faster coordination.

Coordination with virtual meetings

Have virtual meetings within Studio 3DX with your team, for simpler and faster coordination.

Embed, share and track your 3D models anywhere on the web with Gecko

As a designer you want to showcase your work in an interactive way. Gecko is here to unleash the power of your 3D models and provide you with the ability to share and embed them anywhere on the web.

Share and embed your models

Simply generate a url from the uploaded models and send it to anyone or embed your 3D models on your website, blog post, articles, anything that can hold an HTML.

Immersive experience

With Gecko all models are optimised for a better view experience. Make your designs accessible to the world and boost your reach and sales.

Track your performance

Real-time analytics provide you with the viewing data to track the performance of your models. From the same model, create multiple links and embed codes to track them individually.

Live portfolio for architects and engineers with Mapdos

Mapdos is the only architectural directory that can be updated through other software, making it the first live portfolio with embedded 3D models.

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Map your project and office

Get your projects on Mapdos for free and associate them with your office account, making sure that you are searchable on the map.

Create a live portfolio

What is a live portfolio? Projects in Mapdos can be updated at any time from the user’s dashboard page and with the integrated ability to embed your 3D models on your pages, your projects come to life.

Dedicated dashboard

With an integrated dashboard in Mapdos, designers can update their project’s information and track their performance.

Smarter and greener cities with CityLite

The future of the built environment must be based on parameters and green factors.

Centralised smart cities platform

CityLite is a centralised platform that holds the potential to gather data from different sources such as satellites, 3D Building Information Modeling models (BIM), GIS and IoT devices for the user to simulate different urban scenarios for a better built environment.

100% open-source

CityLite is a complete open-source solution that was built with other open-source software such as three.js, and ifc.js.

City implementation

CityLite provides the fundamentals for a more accessible and easier implementation by any service provider and to be used by individual architects and planning permission authorities.

Innovation for our future cities with Architectonic

Blending the world of architecture and startups since 2019.

Open discussion for our future cities

Architectonic brings together innovative minds from all over the world to discuss how tech startups and entrepreneurs are improving the way we operate and build our cities.

A hybrid network event

Architectonic is a hybrid networking event between architecture and startups. We are discovering how a startup ecosystem around the construction industry can improve our built environments.

An online collective magazine

The first Architectonic online magazine follows an event held in Cyprus on September 7, 2019 and goes beyond. It contains articles from speakers who took part, focusing on Architecture, Building Information Modelling, Geographical Information Systems, Smart Facades, Agile Methodologies, Startup Ecosystems and more.

If it’s developed it’s researched in PIR Laps

Parametricos Industry Research Labs is what connects all of our solutions together and builds an ecosystem of products for an optimised workflow for architects and engineers.

Industry research

The baseline of our research is the construction industry itself, it’s problems, trends, updates and current solutions. From there on we conduct our own research in Building Information Modeling, Geospatial Information Systems and Smart Cities.

Customer success

Our research and development is validated through constant interviews with our existing clients and future users. We do our best to understand the needs and wants of our clients, we then prioritise their feedback and pass it to the development team for implementation.

Workshops and webinars

PIR Labs is the place where we entertain new concepts and ideas, by conducting workshops and webinars with experts in the field.

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